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Mission Statement

Cabarrus Partnership for Children connects purpose, people and programs to ensure child well-being in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

This mission is fulfilled by assessing the needs of our community and implementing services through our 3 core activities: Health, Early Education, Family Outreach.  The Partnership is a collaborative organization and contracts with many community partners in order to implement services that meet our goal of preparing children in Cabarrus County for success in kindergarten.

Children in Cabarrus County are entering kindergarten without the necessary literacy skills needed to succeed in school and beyond.  Approximately 37% of children entering kindergarten in Cabarrus County Title 1 elementary schools are scoring below the target indicators for early literacy skills (Cabarrus County Schools, Department of Federal Funding).  

Poor literacy skills in youth hinder an individual’s ability to further their education, obtain a job and contribute to society.  In fact, approximately 18% of adults living in Cabarrus County are not functionally literate (Cabarrus County Needs Assessment 2008).  Without intervention this cycle is one that will continue.

The Cabarrus Partnership for Children provides programs to meet the needs of our youngest children in Cabarrus County so they will be ready and prepared for Kindergarten.

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